US Coast Guard Rescues Stray Dog from Freezing Detroit River

Posted on Jan 11th, 2023

A stray dog that fell into the Detroit River recently was saved from the freezing waters and brought safely to dry land by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Stray Dog Found in River

This harrowing rescue story starts on a Sunday when five members of the Detroit sector of the Coast Guard went out on a routine patrol of the area. They were checking ice conditions along the shoreline in order to ensure human safety. Little did they know a fur baby needed their help!

A Harrowing Rescue

Petty Officer Cole Harper rounded up a boat crew and navigated through thin ice near Grayhaven Island in order to rescue the pooch. Harper donned a dry suit, then scooped the pup out of the river. He held onto the pup while the crew reeled Harper back in with a tether. Everyone emerged from the water safely.

“The dog was welcoming and pretty grateful from what I heard. And pretty happy,” Ahmad said.

The Coast Guard then returned to their Belle Isle station, where the dog warmed up. Detroit Animal Care and Control arrived shortly thereafter and took over caring for the animal.

The rescue team took photos of the adorable dog, who has a distinctive black eye patch, and posted them along with an update on the Detroit sector’s Facebook page.

“Round of appaws for Petty Officer Cole Harper and the boat crew for a successful animal rescue!” the post read.

The dog will likely be eligible for adoption soon…that is, if one of the crew members doesn’t take her home first!

“One of the crew members said he told his wife that if no one claims the dog, he’d like to adopt it,” Ahmad said.

One way or another, we hope this pup finds her forever home.

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